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VCC 9 / 9F Thermoformed Standard Pot Back

Poppelmann Plastics


VCC 9 / 9F Thermoformed Standard Pot


Diameter (in.): 3.50

Height (in.): 3.13, 3.50 (F)

Max Liquid Volume (fl oz.): 11.09, 12.44 (F)

Available Color(s): Terracotta, Black

Case: 3,420, 3,312 (F)

Bulk: 54,000

Compatible Trays:

  • UT 9/12 Count Carry Tray for 3.5" Standard Pot (POPUT9)
  • D-ST 9C/18 Count Carry Tray for 3.5" Standard Pot (POPD-ST9C)


Item Number: VCC 9 US-0350, VCC9 F US-0350