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Jack's Professional Petunia FeED 20-3-19 Back

J.R. Peter's Inc. 


Jack's Professional Petunia FeED 20-3-19

Jack's Professional 20-3-19 Petunia FeED was formulated in response the overwhelming test results recorded by the JR PETERS Laboratory and the newly emerging iron inefficient plant material. A proprietary blend of iron chelates are used to increase the availability of iron over a broad range of pH. 

"Jack's Petunia FeED is finally the answer to any grower's prayers, when struggling to fight off iron deficiency," says Dr. Cari Peters.

  • Contains double the iron found in typical peat-like formulations
  • Iron is derived from three chelate sources - EDDHA, EDTA, and DTPA to keep it available over a broad range of growing medium pH values
  • Contains additional magnesium for optimum crop performance
  • Low phosphorus level helps prevent excessive elongation
  • High nitrate nitrogen, moderately high potential acidity and no urea
  • Not recommended for geraniums or other iron sensitive crops


For use with:

  • Chronically iron hungry crops such as petunia, calibrachoa, bacopa and others.


Available Sizes:

25 lbs. bag, 80 per pallet; Vendor Item# 77770